Marie Antoinette by Mark A. Nelson

Image of Marie Antoinette by Mark A. Nelson

Marie Antoinette

Mark A. Nelson
Georgia, USA; 21st cent.
Acrylic, gilt and resin on plexiglass
30 x 36 inches

As part of our 'modern masters' series, OLD WORLD WONDERS is pleased to present the art of Mark A. Nelson whose portrait paintings of antique personages brings a contemporary twist to Old World sensibilities. Mark's impressionist interpretations are realized in the medium of acrylic on plexiglass, recalling the traditions of verre églomisé in which a composition is realized from behind glass, yet adding further dimension through applications atop the surface of this transparent canvas. The result is an energetic and dynamic artwork that pays homage to the past while staying relevant for a modern audience. In many ways, his portraits are an homage to the colorful vibrancy of Baroque and Victorian miniatures, albeit on a larger scale.