An impressively tall - Iron Age Spear Tip

Image of An impressively tall - Iron Age Spear Tip

An impressively tall Iron Age spear tip from Northern Europe. Possibly of Celtic origin and from the 1st-5th century BC.

77.8 cm x 7.9 cm

While imposing in its practical form, the slender form of this iron blade terminates toward its base with a remarkable eloquence as it sits defiantly on its sublime conical socket. Its oxidized patina and pitted texture is raw...befitting both modern and antiquated interior spaces beyond its inherent collectible value. A custom metal stand is included, displaying the spear in an upright vertical stature.

The spear's sharp petaloid blade and crested midrib were intended for piercing thick armor and a blade such as this one would have been highly prized for its strength and long reach.