A Baroque South German crucifix

Image of A Baroque South German crucifix

An impressive Baroque South German crucifix

ca. 1760; German Alps
Polychrome limewood

Approximate size: 45 x 35cm

An exceptional Baroque-inspired crucifix, sensitively sculpted with a foreboding vitality. The limp crook of Christ’s neck is complimented by an equally expressive sensitivity in Christ’s face that informs of the immediate moment following his death. The eloquently modeled hair, bursting with articulate gyrations compliment the equally striking bulbous drops-of-blood pouring from his wounds. While there is an innate provincial Alpine quality to this crucifix its anatomical countenance belies a masterful carver capable of rendering a truly arresting work-of-art, certain to spark a disquieting response intended for devotion.

Condition commensurate with age. Later polychrome.