An 18th century French Faience Fountain with Spigot

Image of An 18th century French Faience Fountain with Spigot

Mid-18th century; probably Moustiers or Nevers, France
Faience and brass

Approximate size: 12.25 (h) x 9 (w) x 6.25 (d) inches

The present dispenser was either used as a water or wine cooler or possibly for washing hands. The original lid is lost-to-time, yet its provincial beauty remains attractive and sublime. The present example—baked with white enamel and decorated with a lovely hand-painted polychrome lattice and floral theme—is warm, elegant and rustic. The curving linear form of the flowers subtly recall the influence of Japan’s Kakiemon style present in France during the Rococo period yet is still indebted to the earlier influence of Italy’s prolific maiolica workshops.

This fountain would serve as an elegant addition for display on an oak or distressed wood console table or in the environs of a French Country or Rustic styled kitchen.

Condition: Minor chips and losses commensurate with age. Lacking former lid.