A large Colonial Spanish-Portuguese wood corpus

Image of A large Colonial Spanish-Portuguese wood corpus

A large wood-carved corpus of Spanish-Portuguese Colonial origin, probably late 18th century.

The fragmented state of this corpus, coupled with the remaining traces of its original polychrome, have aged this sculpture into an elegant artwork that is both beautiful in form and lively in texture. Its fragmented state coupled with the raw hues of distressed wood and fading color bring a new and lively character to this sculpture.

Christ is shown expired, yet noble. His elongated face is framed by vertically chiseled hair while the wound at his side, exaggerated by the stress of age and climate emphasize his sleek form. The feature of Christ's proper left foot atop his right is atypical and suggests the workmanship of an indigenous workshop active under Colonial occupation. This sculpture has a particular Asianesque appearance that could suggest an origin in the former Spanish occupied Philippines.

Approximate size: 94 cm (h)