17th century Bavarian limewood statue of an Angel

Image of 17th century Bavarian limewood statue of an Angel

Lower Franconia or Bavaria, Germany
Probably ca. 1625-50
Limewood with traces of original polychromy

Approximate height: 70.5 cm

The present sculpture of a wooden angel, though fragmentary, is graceful with its contrapposto pose and time-weathered state. It’s antique, doll-like face, is amiable: bestowing a delightful eloquence that juxtaposes both time and beauty.

The long face and nose of our sculpture, with its rotund cheeks and receding chin, are indicative of the stylistic milieu of provincial sculptors active in the Bavarian Alps during the second-quarter of the 17th century. The remnant of paint on the angel’s upper garment is articulated in a striking, vibrant blue, indicating a sense of its original attractiveness. During the 17th century, the painting of such sculptures would have been delegated to a painter’s guild outside that of the sculptor’s trade, handled by specialists responsible for completing contracted commissions.

Our sculpture may have once held an object, a veil or candlesticks, or may have been a freestanding artwork forming part of a larger sculptural program for a church altarpiece.

Early 20th century provenance available upon request.